Keep Calm and Create a New Habit

Keep Calm and Create a New Habit

Keep calm and create a new habit.

For the last several days, we have been talking about creating some new habits, and I know from personal experience, that is no easy task. Drinking more water may be simple enough, and eating more veggies is doable. Remembering to show gratitude and laughing more? Those may take a little more work. And that meditation habit? Ooh,that one might be the most challenging of all, but I assure you — it’s worth it!

So now it’s time to implement. Pick one. Make the commitment. You can do it!

And if you happen to be one of those people who has already conquered that list, here are a few more tiny habits you might consider:

  1. Hold the door for someone. (Yes, ladies. You can do this too).
  2. Allow someone with fewer items to go in front of you at the store.
  3. Get up out of your chair at work and move around. I hear sitting is the new smoking.
  4. Send ‘thank you’ notes. (Yes, the hand-written kind with stamps and stuff).
  5. Reduce your screen time; in other words, give yourself time away from all those groovy electronic devices, including the TV, that keep you occupied nearly every waking hour. (OK, this is not a tiny one but it’s a good one).

Look, life is short, and it really is important to be good to yourself and good to other people. Forming habits that are beneficial to yourself and to your fellow beings is worth the time it takes to do it.

What’s the first habit you’re going to attempt?

Habitually yours,
Steph Marks

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Oh, and here’s a bonus one: SMILE!

So Happy




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