Do You Care?

Do You Care?

I don’t care. Have you ever uttered those words?

Often the words “I don’t care” are spoken in anger or frustration and may not be true at all.

Sometimes “I don’t care” is more of an attitude than a statement. It is an underlying thought that colors action. Perhaps nowhere is it more prevalent than in how we care for ourselves.

We hear a lot these days about self-care, in fact, last February I did a series on the subject. (See below for links).


Because people, women in particular, seem to readily neglect caring for themselves while they care greatly for others.

Is this true for you? Guys, you don’t get a pass here. Men need self-care also.

Think about how you treat yourself. Do you eat healthy food? Do you get some exercise? Do you take time to do the things you enjoy? Do you talk kindly to yourself?

Self-care because you're worth it | steph marks

Simple matters these but oh, so very important.

Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself.


I care about you.

Love you, mean it.
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Here are the articles I wrote on self-care:

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