Got Courage?

Got Courage?

Courage defined. steph marksYour life.

Is it bold? Is it daring? Is it brave?

Courage. Its root word is cor which means ‘heart’ as in from the heart. That takes the edge off the bold and daring part but brave, maybe we can keep.

Ah, but courage. BWA-HA-HA I am a scaredy cat. And that has taken a toll on me. As I grow older and see missed opportunities, I am saddened.

That scared business has kept me from speaking out, from standing up, from doing work I believe I am here to do, because well, what if someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t like me? But wait …

… if you’re not pissing anybody off,
you’re probably holding back.

Is this true for you? Yep, it’s time to start meddling. Are you brave? Courageous? Do you do your thing without fear of pissing anybody off? I sincerely hope so.

But if not, why not?

Inside each of us is an ember, a spark, just waiting to ignite our passion, our purpose to a blazing brilliance. Will we let the fear of others’ opinions hold us back? Will we withhold our light from the world because ‘they‘ might not like it?

Here’s what I know for sure: there will ALWAYS be detractors, naysayers, doubters, and downright haters when we stretch beyond the limits of business as usual.

So what? Think of how much has been achieved in this world. Think of Gandhi, Dr. King. The list is long and varied but one thing they hold in common is this:

Anyone who has achieved any measure of greatness in this world felt the fear and did it anyway because they could not NOT do it. steph marks

What is most important? Your work? Your commitment? Or your fear?

Give that some thought, and then consider joining me as we strengthen our courage muscle and learn to live non-violently.

Love you, mean it!
Human, being

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