Here Now or There Then

Here Now or There Then

Here Now or There Then. Steph MarksWhere are you? 
I am not talking about physical location.
Check in.
Where is your head? Your mind? Your thoughts? Your heart?

I love my morning meditation practice. Today was no exception. I love the richness of the silence, the depth of the stillness that surrounds me as I sit, breathing in and out.
Intentional. On purpose.

I would love to tell you that in meditation my mind is laser focused on that breath — in and out — and my mind remains unengaged with thoughts that wander in.

Alas! I cannot tell you that, because, well, it would not be true.

Eek! Steph MarksIt’s a madhouse up there in my head sometimes. To do’s and to don’ts. Worrisome thoughts. Did I remember to …? What should I make for dinner? Did I take care of that thing?

You get the picture.

Where are you? Steph MarksBut here’s my question for you today:

… whether in your meditation or in your daily life.

My theme .. my word(s) — for the year 2106 was originally mindfulness. But I went to something more specific, something that spoke more clearly to me:

Here Now. Steph Marks.

I have spent so very much of my life being There, Then. How about you?

Now let’s be clear. There is NOTHING wrong with remembering things that happened in the past or dreaming and planning and looking to the future in terms of what you want your life to look like,  BUT

spending all of your time THERE, THEN is not productive. Worrying about what was or wishing for what could be depletes your energy for creating a life you love.

You cannot change your past. It is a done deal. No exceptions.
The future has not happened yet. It does not exist.

How much time have you lost being chronically elsewhere in your mind?

The point of power is in the PRESENT. Right here, right now is
where we do our work,
where we implement change,
where we make a difference in the world.

So again I ask: Where are you? Steph Marks

Take a look. An intentional look. An inquiring look.
This is not an exercise in which you beat yourself up for being elsewhere.
This is a time to assess, to determine
WHERE. YOU. ARE. right now
and decide if that’s where you want to stay.

Right here, right now. Steph Marks.I highly recommend Here and Now.

An old friend used to say, “Life is a gift; that’s why they call it the present!” That always made me smile.

When you think about it, that’s exactly what it is.

Open your gift of the present, and be here now.
Share your gifts with us.
Make your presence known.

We can change the world from exactly. where. we. are. Right here, right now.

Let’s do it!

Love you, mean it!

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