I’m Picking Up Good Hydration

I’m Picking Up Good Hydration

This week we’re talking about habits, more specifically about habits we might want to add to our personal routine for better health. This one is a biggie.

Do you keep your body hydrated each day, in other words, are you drinking enough water? Skimping on the sips can cause you to feel sluggish and tired.

Creating a habit of getting enough to drink each day, particularly enough water, is a favor your body will greatly appreciate.

Take a look at this infographic*. There’s some good stuff here.

The Benefits of Drinking Water












































If you are already sipping water throughout your day, good for you. If not, determine how much water is right for you, and start drinking! You may want to start slowly — just a glass or two a day at first. Then add more, as needed. For me, 48 ounces a day is a good number. I feel sloshy if I go much over that amount. Your body will let you know the right amount.

Is it time for you to add more hydration to your parched palate?

Steph Marks

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* InfoGraphic authored by WaterCoolers Direct.com Ltd, selling Water Coolers, Fountains and Filters in the UK. To view the original post, see the original Benefits of Drinking Water InfoGraphic.

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