Someday Isle: Where Dreams Never Come True

Someday Isle: Where Dreams Never Come True

8 Days a Week Do you remember learning the days of the week when you were a little kiddo? Then you got to school and learned how to spell them. That Wed-nes-day was a tough one.

Since that time, I have lived my life by those seven days of the week, but the day that has gotten more mileage than I like to admit is Someday. Try as I may, I cannot find that eighth day on any calendar, even though the Beatles sang about it in one of their #1 hits.

The Beatles sang it but still I could not locate the day. It had to be out there somewhere.

I promised I would travel out West. Someday. I would relocate to Asheville, North Carolina. Someday. I would write and publish books. Someday. I would return to college. Someday. I would create a successful business. Someday.

But when is Someday?

Someday is ________________.

No. day. at. all.

Life is wild and woolly, crazy and busy. We have jobs and responsibilities and families to care for. Too many people to please. Often we have more month than money. Maybe we’re just afraid we don’t know what we’re doing or we might make a mistake.

Still we nurture those dreams we have held for years in our heart of hearts, and someday, just you wait and see, we will do them.

Or will we?

What is standing in the way of you and your dream, be it a trip, a degree, a family addition, a car, a trip, or something so huge and amazing you think it could never, ever happen?

Your belief. Your mindset.

As long as you set your sites on someday as the date of receipt for your big dream, it is likely that you will get it on exactly that day. Sadly, that translates into NOT. AT. ALL.

Boo. Hiss. Get out of here with that kind of talk, Steph.

Look, I’m talking to myself here; not just to you. I have lots and lots of Someday dreams. Until I decide for sure and make the commitment to do whatever it takes (including adjust my mindset), my big payoff will remain in the ethers.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Recognize “Someday” for what it is — an ambiguous time out there somewhere that exists only in our mind because we haven’t gotten serious about it.
  2. Consider what this dream, this venture, this item really means to you. Does it make your heart beat a little faster? Does it cause the corners of your mouth to turn up and maybe even expose your teeth? If it does, keep going.
  3. Decide. Make the decision to go forward and make it happen. Make a plan and don’t let anything stand in your way.
  4. And then, ACT. Taking action makes the difference. Do whatever it takes to turn someday into an actual date on the calendar. Nothing imaginary about that. You know where you’re going and have an idea of when you intend to arrive.

I know this isn’t easy. It takes real determination and commitment. It takes huge belief in yourself. You may have to give it everything you’ve got.

But is it worth it? You’ll know.

Life is short. I don’t know your reasons for waiting, but I do know a reason for you to stop waiting.

Your dreams matter.

Your wishes and hopes matter.

And most of all, YOU MATTER.

I leave you with this quote from one of my favorite authors. I think it kind of applies here.

What if you wake up some day, and you’re 65… and you were just so strung out on perfectionism and people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big juicy creative life? — Anne Lamott

That’s what this is all about. Squeezing the juice out of your one — your very own — L.I.F.E.

What means enough to you that you would be willing to take it on and do whatever it takes to make it yours — now, not Someday?

Let’s do it!
Steph Marks

– – – – – –

Do you have a someday dream? I would love for you to tell me about it in the comments. Talk it up. Get excited. And start taking action. I would be happy to be your cheerleader along the way.

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